M. Rincón Guided by the asterik

Evil and the Built-In Tree Sitter


The new Emacs 29 support for tree sitter awesome. Since I'm an evil user, I made a small package to take advantage of the new facilities. If you are interested, the package is on GitHub here. From the README:

This package provides some basic additional actions for evil-mode using the new built-in tree sitter library. The package only works with Emacs 29 or greater. To activate, just run M-x evil-ts-mode. This was so easy to do, that it hardly merits a package. But perhaps it will be useful to someone.

In visual mode, you can select a if/try/etc statement with s. So when you are inside an if statement, the sequence vas will select it. Similarly, f selects a function and c selects a class. On these cases, there is no difference between inner and outer text objects.

In normal state, you can move to the beginning or the end of a class with [c and ]c. Similarly, [f and ]f moves you to the start or end of a function. And [w moves you to the start of a sentence, and ]w to the end (these last two bindings are not great, but ]s is usually taken for navigating spelling errors). I created this package for my own personal use, so the default bindings may not be what you want. Of course, you can change that. The mode map is evil-ts-mode-map.